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We address the need for mid-priced workforce homes in the Heartland by addressing one of the core challenges –  Providing early stage focus, mission and expertise in creating new shovel-ready mid- priced master planned communities for national builders to build.

With our expertise in  master planned community design and approval processes ("entitlements"), farmland investing, and structured asset sales and finance, we help maximize returns and minimize downside exposure for our project investors, builders and the communities that we target

What We Do

Funding the Entitlement Process

Invest in Farmland Costs

Invest in Farmland

We enter into land purchase contracts with farmers creating the best possible results for their land, their families, and the local communities. Often we do not need to fund the purchase until we have completed the design and entitlement process and sold the property to the Builder


Invest in Entitlement Process Expenses

Partner with Communities and Builders

We work with a targeted Builder and local leaders to design a tailored design plan, meeting the needs of the builder and the community.  We receive the needed approvals and entitlements for  the land to become  a “Highland Community”.


Sell for a Multiple of Total Investment

Sell Prior to Construction

Prior to any construction beginning, we sell the project and entitled farmland to a national/regional builder that was involved in the process from the beginning.



  • Near a growing smaller town or citiy

  • Income-producing farmland

  • Nearby utility and city services

  • Meeting HCF underwriting criteria


  • Near smaller cities and towns in the Midwest

  • A recognized current shortage of mid-priced homes and neighborhoods, with projected job growth in the region over the next 2-4 years

  • Local Municipality/Politicians that are supportive of housing growth

  • Local community that is signaling support for new homes.

  • A National Builder is interested in working with us on a project at this site.


  • Planned communities that are smaller, walkable and pedestrian scale, generationally diverse, and environmentally sensitive.

  • Smaller lot sizes

  • Environmentally focused, including solar where appropriate

  • Focus on the use of outdoor space including green space, community space, sidewalks, and home porches

  • A national builder can build efficiently 

Location Criteria

Project Example / Case Study

Madison Meadows

State: Ohio 

Status: Complete

Initial investment date: May 2020

Project completion date: April 2021

Located NW of Columbus Ohio, this project benefits from a strong, diversified small-town local economy while also feeling pressure from Columbus Metro growth.

Mid-priced housing stock in and around the local communities have lagged local employment growth for years.

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