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Unique Approach:

We focus on improving smaller and growing communities and their housing needs, while earning market returns for our investors.

We meet with community leaders first, to be sure we can meet their needs and have their support. Communities typically want and need our solution more than most developments- because of our approach.

Our builder partners are brought in at the earliest stage of land identification, confirming their interest in building at the location a "Highland Community". They continue to work with us through the design phase.


Our investment period is only during in the project design and land development period (no construction or land improvement costs or risks).

No debt is utilized to fund our projects.

Our investments are based on  active farmland stays active farmland during our investment period.

We use diverse data analytics and tools to determine locations and mix of housing.

Our projects are geographically unique, focusing on smaller growing towns and cities that have an unmet demand, rather than high-growth areas that have seen fast growth and increased home-building activity.

Our relationships with builders and communities are different- we provide a unique solution for both.

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