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Welcome to The "Fund Highland" Community!

Updated: May 8

Welcome! We are now ramping up our efforts as we build out this business- focusing on making a difference for workforce families and others, while creating very nice returns for our investors and all involved (builders, developers, local communities, young families...).

How we got started: A lot has happened since Scott and I got together almost two years ago and discussed ways to expand his business in the “workforce homes” and community building space.

He had a Vision/Mission, and we developed a strategy. The mission is as much to do about creating more home ownership opportunities for workforce families, and others, as it does about creating multi-generational, pedestrian and environmentally friendly communities that can flourish.

One of the challenges in addressing this unmet housing demand was to attract the right type of capital at the right time in the development process. Our strategy had to create nice returns for investors, while controlling risks, in order to attract the amount and type of funding needed. I believe we have done that.

While finalizing our structure, and to round out our expertise, we asked Mitch Kasper, an early project investor, to join as a co-founder.

(John Loy, Scott Mallory, Mitch Kasper)

See our bios here

Our funding strategy focuses on private investors with a local interest in "Heartland" communities- who are also interested in getting very nice returns on a real estate project based investment that is unique in structure and collateral/protection- compared to most other real estate and early stage investments.

We are expanding our strategy outside of Ohio to include other "Heartland" regions with smaller towns and cities that have the same un-met demand for mid-priced housing developments. As you hear more about us, you will understand why we focus on smaller towns and cities. As we expand, we will be working only with local vetted developers, and the same national/regional builders.

Projects to date:

Scott had developed a couple ‘Highland Communities” prior to us forming Highland Capital Funding, refining the development process. Last year we launched our business and refined the funding approach and strategy for these unique “assets”. We have now arranged investors (individual/family Office) for four more “highland” projects, using this revised project funding structure.

We have seen some great success to date. We have one project completed and sold prior to construction -to a national builder (the strategy), which provided excellent returns for everyone (see our Case Study). This project, and the next two, are the templates we are using going forward. These next 2 projects are also expected to be sold this summer, and also expecting to provide great returns.

In 2023 we will have another group of projects to fund as well (we like to fund them in small pools to create diversification for our investors), with more in the pipeline. Demand four our solutions is not the issue…….we are actually getting calls from communities and builders!

Please join us in our Mission! And come back- going forward we will be using this blog to provide updates on our progress, as well as industry information/news.

Please sign up, let us know what you think, and let us know if there are any specific topics you would like to have us cover.

John Loy, Co-Founder

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