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Welcome, continued

Updated: May 8

Welcome to our Blog!

As mentioned in our first post, we are now ramping up our efforts, with quite a few more projects on the horizon. Ramping up also means we needed to update our website, and organize the industry information we have been collecting to date.

We thought sharing some of this information we have been collecting would be helpful a for prospective partner. or project investor, to get a good overview of the industry and the current trends/challenges/opportunities.

Please visit our Resource Page (here) This is where we will be keeping articles/information/links that we think would be helpful for others. We will keep it updated, as we find more relevant information to share.

Our business is impacted by farmland trends, entitlement trends, and home building/housing trends (at the local levels). Our mission ties this together with a goal of creating thriving local communities- not just great homes at a good price. Over time we expect to have a nice library covering all of these topics.

As we run across more interesting articles, we will post them on this blog as well (typically with comments from one of our founders as well).

If you find/have any articles you feel would be good to share, please let us know!

John Loy, Co-Founder

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