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Why Invest with HCF?

Market Returns

Great Mission

Invest in an Income-Producing Farmland Asset with Housing Development Upside

Invest in farmland that has been selected and vetted for real estate development, but requires design expertise, legal and regulatory approvals before development can begin.

Invest with Partners with Experience and Diverse Skills

We have expertise in farmland investing, land development, and structured asset sales and finance. We have the proven strategy, expertise and connections required to take a project from land acquisition, through design and approvals, to sale of the project and farmland to national and regional builders.

Maximize Returns. Minimize Downside

The property is sold to a national or regional builder at a substantial markup before any construction work begins. If the farmland cannot be sold on a timely-basis for a development project, it can continue to be used/leased for farming, continuing  as income-producing farmland.

Plus Make an Impact....

Help Address Critical Needs:


More mid-priced homes for workforce families and others


More thriving communities for all to live and grow

Achieve market returns while contributing to the development of smaller and mid-size towns in the Midwest, helping them attract and retain employers, jobs, and a diverse workforce.

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