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Together We Purchase the Land

Working together, we find the right farmland to buy at the right price. HCF purchases the land on behalf of the two partners.

The Developer Designs the Housing Community

The local developer works through the entitlement, design, and negotiation stages with the builder(s). HCF pays all expenses, including development fees to the developer, and provides resources as needed to help in the design of a "Highland Community", to address our shared mission.

The Developer Finalizes the Sale to the Builder

The fully entitled property is sold to a large regional or national builder, who we have been reviewing the project details with throughout the process. In some situations, we may help with final drawings, or even site improvements, depending on the purchase commitment, price, and builder.

Profits are Split

The profits are split with the first allocation going to the project investors at a pre-agreed percentage, depending on the details of the project. 

How a Local Developer Partners With HCF

Early Stage Investing In Farmland For New Residential Communities That Make a Difference

Developer Criteria


Local developer partners need to be currently living and active in one of HCF's targeted regions- small and midsize cities in the Midwest. Regions will be reserved for specific local developer partners as they are brought on to the team.

Current list of Target Areas: 

  • Western Michigan

  • Northern Indiana

  • Northern Illinois (east/central)

  • Wisconsin 

  • Iowa 

  • Missouri 

  • Ohio (reserved) 

  • Western Kentucky


Please reach out to us if you believe your region would be a good fit!


Direct experience in developing residential communities in a specific area is preferred, but not mandatory. Relevant real estate experience is an advantage. We are open to helping someone new to residential real estate development build a successful career in it and join our mission. The industry needs fresh, young, and diverse professionals to tackle the challenges and opportunities it faces. Our company is willing to support that goal as well!


If a potential local developer partner already has projects or land in their pipeline that align with our criteria, it is an advantage as we can collaborate on those. A local developer partner can continue to work on other projects that are not within our scope, whether residential or commercial, as long as we collaborate on workforce housing opportunities. Even if there is no pipeline, we can assist a local developer partner in building one as well.

References and Due Diligence

The assessment of potential developer partners is key to our process. We must ensure they align with our business and approach. Character references are of paramount importance while professional references, though less so, confirm the ability and willingness to learn about real estate development for workforce housing. Teamwork, relationships, and communication are even more crucial. Through this process will determine the appropriate level of autonomy, education and training, and "trust but verify" protocols to establish.

Philosophy and Mission

It is crucial that all local developer partners share our mission and stand behind our business practices. We prioritize clear and open communication, inclusion, and respect towards all parties involved and impacted by our business, regardless of their perspectives, as we believe that we are all interconnected and will ultimately achieve greater success by working together- from the natural environment to new homeowners, existing neighbors, and everyone else involved in the process.

Partner With Us

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