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Creating more housing and home ownership opportunities 

for workforce families and others 

Projects Originated and Managed by Highland Real Estate Group

Make an Impact 

 One Community at a Time

Invest with Highland Capital Funding 

Community Design and Entitlement Projects

(Pre-Construction Phase)

Master Planned Communities of

Mid-Priced "Attainable" Homes in the Heartland 

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Our expertise in master planned community design, land development, farmland investing, and structured finance maximize returns and minimize risks for our project investors, builders, and the local communities we target.

There is a shortage of 2+ million homes in the country. Mid-priced workforce-family homes are in high demand everywhere.

Structural dynamics in residential development and home building is limiting the amount of new developments created that target mid-priced homes and communities.

We address these challenges by providing an unbiased, single- focused expertise and mission to create:


Shovel-Ready Projects for National and Regional Builders to Build

What is a Highland Community?

A thoughtfully designed, multigenerational, walkable, and environmentally focused community, with homes for workforce families and others to live and thrive.

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