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Creating more opportunities in America's Heartland 

by providing new homes for workforce families and others to live and thrive.

A new short term alternative to leveraged commercial real estate and multifamily real estate  investments, which are typically more highly correlated to interest rate and short term general economic changes.

Addressing housing needs one community at a time 

Early Stage Structured Real Estate Investments 

in New Residential Developments

That Make a Difference

What Makes Us Different?

Equity capital for early-stage residential developments

Pre-Construction capital that aligns with local developers' and national builders' needs. Designed to allow for maintaining the land as an income-generating farmland asset if development is delayed excessively.

Data Tools

Predictive analytic and entitlement process tools that utilize various data sources for site and design selection, and streamlining zoning/approval processes (early stage development).

Geographic Diversity

A focus on smaller residential projects in various locations, including regions that do not experience large fluctuations in demand as seen in other areas.

Our Relationships

Our unique network included Project Investors, National Builders, Farmers, Local Real Estate Developers, Engineers, Legal, etc...and it continues to grow.

Contact Us

We'd love to start a conversation.

More About Us

There is a shortage of 2+ million homes in the country, particularly mid-priced workforce-family homes. These homes are in high demand and difficult to find.


We believe that by providing local developers with access to early-stage capital and partners focused on this housing segment, we can help address a core cause of the shortage problem.

1. Raise early-stage capital to buy targeted farmland.


2. Work with a local developer to entitle the land for a “Highland Community” project.


3. Sell the project to a national builder.

With our expertise in farmland investing, land development, and structured asset sales and finance, we help maximize returns and minimize downside exposure for our project investors.

We help meet the need for mid-priced workforce homes in the Heartland by addressing one of the core challenges:
Access to early-stage capital for new residential developments.

What is a Highland Community?

A thoughtfully designed, multigenerational, walkable, and environmentally focused community, with homes for workforce families and others to live and thrive.

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